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3 - 8 June, 2018  |  Fort Collins, CO USA


ICCF-21 Friday June 8, 2018

Main Conference Session Photos

The General Session of ICCF-21 for Friday June 8 was held from from
8AM to 12PM in The Lory Student Center Grand Ballroom C & D. 
Edmund Storms, Jean-Paul Biberian and Mitchell Swartz each gave oral presentation of their personal experiences during many years of LENR experiments.  
Dave Nagel presented the closing remarks and conference summary.  
The General Session ended early at 12PM.  This marked the conclusion of the conference program for ICCF-21.  Some attendees departed immediately for the airport, many stayed for lunch, and others elected to stay over for a late departure on Saturday.
Their was no Poster Session on Friday.

Photos by AJ Frankson

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All questions and inquiries about the ICCF-21 Conference can be directed to the conference organizers by clicking here...

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