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3 - 8 June, 2018  |  Fort Collins, CO USA


Author Notification

ICCF-21 conference Abstracts listed by
Oral Presentation and Poster Presentation 

The organizers with to thank all the authors for for the abstracts you submitted.  We received 105 abstracts and are delighted with both the number and quality received.  Things are shaping up for a very good conference.

The purpose of this Abstract Notification list is to communicate the mode of presentation you will have at ICCF-21, Oral (O) or Poster (P), or sometimes both in the case of several people who submitted multiple abstracts.  


The attached spreadsheet below (as a .pdf) will tell you the mode of your presentation, and also show you information on the other abstracts.

For convenience, all of the abstracts are accessible at the following link.

You can go here to check on your abstract, and also to read the other abstracts.  We hope that your being able to see the totality of the abstracts shall contribute to your preparations, and help set a spirit of anticipation (even excitement) for the upcoming conference.  

To View, Enlarge, Download or Print the ICCF-21 Author Notification List below, use the functions on the PDF tool.
Too view a full screen version, choose Presentation Mode.  
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